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At Cress Dental we provide a variety of services to correct many dental problems. As compassionate people, however, we prefer to help patients in the Twin Falls, Buhl, Hailey, Kimberly, and Jerome area avoid oral issues. Regular professional cleanings are a great place to start.

Importance of deep cleaning teeth

“I brush and floss. Why do I need to have my teeth cleaned?” It is a common question, and understandable from the patient’s perspective. When you look in the mirror, you see only a small portion of your dentition – the front surfaces of most teeth, outward facing gum tissue, and the top of your tongue.

Your dentist and hygienist see more. Sides of teeth account for about 30 percent of exposed area. It can be tough to remove all cavity-causing food debris and plaque from these spaces between teeth. Stubborn plaque that hardens into tartar at the gumline can develop inside the mouth as well as on the surfaces you see. Oral cancers may form on any soft tissue, including gums, inside cheeks, or under the tongue.

An essential part of our job is helping to reduce those risks with thorough dental hygiene cleaning.

What Twin Falls patients can expect during professional cleanings

Our patients often comment that teeth cleaning is a relaxing experience:

  • A hygienist walks you to the treatment room settles you comfortably in the chair.
  • We provide a disposable bib to protect your clothing, as well as safety glasses.
  • The light is adjusted so it does not shine directly into your eyes.
  • The certified hygienist uses a small mirror for a clear view of every crevice, as cleaning plaque from teeth and removing tartar is gently accomplished. Small, precise adjustments in head tilt avoid the need for you to open uncomfortably wide.
  • Teeth are polished with a medical grade paste that removes surface stains.
  • Expert flossing and final rinse remove and remaining particles.
  • The clinician notes potential problems areas for the dentist’s attention.
  • Teeth are now ready for fluoride treatment, dental sealant, whitening, or the dentist’s examination.

After a dental cleaning, you leave the office with fresher breath, a whiter smile, and the uplifting feeling that you did something good for your oral health.

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