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With advanced materials and techniques, most dental problems can be treated. While it is wonderful to have the appearance and oral function restored, most people would rather keep their own natural teeth as intact as possible, for as long as possible. Dr. Justin Cress concur. The overarching objective of their practice in Twin Falls, ID is to help you avoid unnecessary discomfort, inconvenience, and expense with preventative dentistry.

Tailored preventative dentistry options in Twin Falls, ID

There is not another smile in Magic Valley quite like yours. Dr. Cress, and his hygiene team believe your preventative care should be just as unique.

Your smile maintenance program includes a personalized combination of:

  • Professional prophy – Regular dental cleanings are scheduled according to your oral health. While twice a year is common, timing may be adjusted if you are managing an oral disease, or if your overall health is fragile. Our hygienists use specialized instruments and gentle techniques to get rid of bacteria and the sticky film of plaque from tooth surfaces. Hardened tartar is removed to avoid irritation at the gum line. Polishing erases surface stains, for teeth that gleam and feel smooth.
  • Examination – The doctor’s close inspection is essential in intercepting potential problems early, for the least invasive and most effective treatment. Regular dental exams are critical during a child’s developmental and cavity-prone years, and equally important as we age.
  • X-rays – Periodically, your dentist may suggest routine x-rays to monitor areas of dentition not visible to the naked eye, to diagnose and plan treatment of a dental problem. We use a digital x-ray system for high-resolution images and minimal patient exposure.
  • Dental sealants – This quick, painless precaution dramatically reduces risk of decay in molars. It is recommended for children, as well as smokers and other adults with increased likelihood of developing caries.
  • Periodontal care – Gum disease is a serious illness that contributes to tooth loss and is linked to a host of overall health issues. Even if gum disease is advanced, it is not too late to seek treatment that gets it under control and improves ongoing periodontal health.

At Cress Dental in Twin Falls, ID, we take preventative dentistry seriously. Call (208) 544-4848 for oral health that looks great on you.


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