Dentist in Twin Falls, ID offers good oral hygiene tips to patients


When taking a picture, you want to be able to show off a healthy, beautifully white and sparkling smile that you will be able to look upon with pride. Unfortunately for many of us, we don’t quite see that smile that we want. Dr. Justin Cress and his team at Cress Dental Family Dentistry want nothing more than for you to have a smile you can be proud of and can offer tips to maintain oral health. Cress Dental has been serving the Twin Falls, ID area for the past 20 years and have been working with patients to achieve beautiful, healthy teeth.

Tips for healthy, white teeth

Tips for Healthy, White Teeth in Twin Falls, ID Area

Looking past cosmetic issues, not taking proper care of your teeth can lead to an onslaught of dental and oral diseases that can not only be costly to your overall health, but to your financial situation as well. Even some of us who take regular care of our teeth may experience trouble due to caring for our teeth wrong. Here are some professional tips that you can follow to help ensure you maintain healthy, white teeth.

  • Proper brushing – when brushing, try to maintain a 45-degree angle so that the bristles are maintaining contact with your teeth and your gums. Brushing with a circular motion tends to clean better than straight back and forth. Once you brush the outside of your teeth, don’t neglect the inner surfaces of your teeth and gums or the rest of your mouth including your tongue and even the roof of your mouth. They all need cleaning and will help prevent bad breath!
  • Floss – Regular brushing is only a part of the puzzle to maintaining a healthy mouth. In order to make sure the spaces in between your teeth are getting the proper care, make sure you are flossing at least once a day. This will help get rid of food residue and bacteria that are stuck between the teeth even after brushing.
  • Proper diet – Many of us eat to enjoy. We enjoy food and want to experience a variety of flavors, textures and smells. The impact this food may be having on our teeth is often ignored. Nuts, cheese, chicken, veggies and fruits are all generally teeth friendly. A fun fact about cheese is that is causes your salivary gland to generate excess saliva, which can neutralize acid.
  • Eliminate tobacco – Even if the negative impact these products have on your overall health is ignored, you should still run as far away from tobacco products as you can. Tobacco products are a leading cause of  oral cancer and will at the very least leave you with yellowed & stained teeth along with bad breath.
  • Limit sodas and alcohol – Limited intake of both soda and alcoholic beverages is important to your teeth. Excessive consumption of either leads to an excess of phosphorus (which is contained in both) and that will deplete the level of calcium in your body. This can lead to dental problems including tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Regular dentist visits – Following the tips laid out in the previous points does not excuse regular dental exams and cleanings. Regular exams will allow your dentist to identify any problems in the early stages saving you costly dental work down the road. It’s recommended that you receive teeth cleanings twice a year to ensure there is no plaque buildup.

Dr. Justin Cress and his team at Cress Dental Family Dentistry have been seeing patients in the Twin Falls, ID area for going on two decades. Dr. Cress would love you to be his next patient, so he can help guide you towards healthy oral habits that will ensure you retain your healthy, beautiful smile. For an appointment, call (208) 544-4848.

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