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Fillings have played an essential role in restorative dentistry throughout the history of dental treatment. Yet materials and techniques continue to improve. You can count on Dr. Justin Cress in Twin Falls to address your needs with methods that preserve as much tooth structure as possible, while providing attractive, functional results.

Common questions about the dental fillings procedure in Twin Falls

While most people are familiar with the concept of getting a cavity filling, some misperceptions about the process still exist. The answers to these questions will help you understand how Dr. Cress approach this treatment.

  • Why are fillings silver? They do not have to be. Traditional fillings are a mixture or amalgamation of mercury, silver, and other metals. While this material is sturdy, most people would rather not have noticeable fillings. We offer composite fillings made of tooth-colored resin combined with finely powdered glass for light reflecting qualities that mimic natural enamel
  • Are composite resin fillings as good as amalgam? In many ways they are superior. Composite fillings are strong and durable. A lesser amount of natural structure is removed to prepare the tooth, so they are also conservative. Since the restoration is bonded to the tooth structure, it actually strengthens dentition. The material contains no mercury or metal, so it is non-reactive and does not conduct heat or cold, which can sensitize teeth
  • What is the best option for a front tooth filling? While cavities are more common in back molars, a front tooth may develop decay at the gumline, or get a chip or fracture. Composite filling material is a good choice for this visible area of the smile
  • When is a temporary filling used? A temporary filling is made of less durable material, and it is more easily removed than an amalgam or composite “permanent” tooth filling. This type of restoration is generally used to relieve sensitivity while allowing further evaluation of a dental condition. An interim filling may also be placed in an emergency or following root canal therapy, while a crown is being fabricated at a dental lab

New patients from Buhl, Hailey, Jerome, Kimberly, and Twin Falls are welcome at Justin C. Cress, DDS. Get your questions about dental fillings answered at (208) 544-4848.

Dental Fillings at Cress Dental

Dental Fillings at Cress Dental
When do patients need a dental filling? What are the types of materials used for dental fillings? Watch Dr. Justin Cress from Cress Dental talk all about Dental Fillings.

When do patients need Dental Fillings, and what types are there?
Hello, this is Dr. Cress from Cress Dental in Twin Falls, Idaho; today, we will talk about Dental Fillings.
A patient would need dental fillings when part of the tooth is lost or eaten away by a cavity.

What are the types of fillers?
In the past, tooth fillings have been silver or gold, but now we make each filling look more like the patient’s natural tooth.
Materials used include plastics and ceramics that make it look as much like the patient’s natural tooth as possible.

What is the benefit of a Dental Filling?
Dental fillings help the patient keep their tooth while fixing the problem at hand. Since it looks like their natural teeth, it would improve a patient’s confidence.


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