Dental teeth cleaning: A low-cost, high-reward way to keep your smile healthy in Twin Falls, Idaho

Cress Dental of Twin Falls takes a singular focus: quality dental care for you and your family. That said, “quality” doesn’t have to be synonymous with “expensive.” Dental teeth cleaning in Twin Falls, Idaho at the office of Dr. Justin Cress is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to keep your smile looking great and your oral health in top shape. It is also a “must.”

A budget-friendly investment in your smile

A search of average costs for dental treatments in our ZIP code reveals that white dental fillings for back teeth range from around twice to three times as much as the cost of adult dental cleanings. The more extensive the restorative treatment, the greater the cost disparity between preventive services (like cleanings and oral exams) and restorative treatments designed to repair or completely rebuild teeth. For instance, a dental crown to repair damage to the visible portion of the tooth above the gum line costs around $1,000 more than an average adult dental cleaning service. So, you can achieve significant cost savings by scheduling and keeping those routine visits, usually at six-month intervals.

Why professional cleanings are a “must-have” for oral health

Consistent brushing and flossing at home remove plaque that is continuously forming on our teeth and gums. However, once that plaque hardens, it can’t be removed with toothbrushes and floss alone. Tartar is stubborn and must be removed by dental hygienists with specialized tools and the advanced training required to safely and appropriately use them. Additionally, even with the most consistent care, some cavity- and disease-producing bacteria and food debris can be missed. Consider that the sides of the teeth account for some 30% of each tooth’s surface. Irregular flossing, or a lack of diligence when cleaning, can lead to those areas being missed. Harmful bacteria and the starches and sugars that are left behind promote the development of decay and inflame the gums. Gum disease and tooth decay are the primary causes of tooth loss. Routine appointments catch what you can’t and also provide an opportunity to show you ways to brush and floss more effectively. We’re here to help!

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