Dental sealants aren’t just for kids; Adults reduce decay risk with preventive service in Twin Falls, Idaho

Generally, dental sealants are discussed in terms of pediatrics, as a way to prevent cavities from forming in decay-prone teeth among young patients. However, the very products and techniques that are used to keep children’s mouths healthy can also be used to keep adult mouths looking and feeling great! Dr. Justin Cress is happy to discuss dental sealants for adults in Twin Falls, Idaho from his Cress Dental office.

Appropriate for all ages

As their name suggests, sealants “seal out” food debris and plaque that get caught in grooved, irregular surfaces. These coverings, made from a clear BPA-free plastic, are applied to the surfaces of clean and dry back teeth or molars, as they are prone to tooth decay due to the prevalence of depressions and pitted areas. Sealants may be recommended to kids as the molars first begin to break through the gums at around age six. A tooth that is protected doesn’t become decayed or infected. For this reason, it’s largely thought that the sooner dentists like Dr. Cress can apply sealants, the better.

However, natural teeth are susceptible to tooth decay, regardless of if the patient is aged six or approaching sixty. In fact, the risks of decay and gum or periodontal disease tend to increase as you get older; for instance, dry mouth is associated with a number of chronic systemic conditions and the medications that patients use to manage those diseases. Dry mouth is also a significant risk factor for dental decay and disease. In addition, molars are often hard to clean because they are hard to reach. Arthritis and other conditions that may arise over time can present new challenges to cleaning these teeth. So, dental sealants are an easy, affordable, safe, and effective way to prevent costly, traumatic damage and tooth loss. In fact, the American Dental Association reports that dental sealants have been clinically proven to reduce the risk of decay among treated teeth by up to 80%.

Prevention more than pays for itself, when patients consider that the average cost to replace a single tooth with a dental implant costs at least $3,800, according to an estimator provided by a leading dental insurance company. Additionally, for those with dental insurance, the service might be 100% covered, with no out of pocket costs.

Dental sealants aren’t “just for kids.” Make an appointment to discuss how sealants and other preventive services can support your healthy, happy smile. Call Cress Dental of Twin Falls, ID at (208) 544-4848.

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