Discover the benefits of dental crowns for teeth in Twin Falls, Idaho

A broken, chipped, or damaged tooth is never planned. However, when trauma occurs, you want it to be corrected efficiently and effectively. A dental crown covers, restores, and strengthens a damaged tooth. Located in Twin Falls, Idaho, Dr. Justin Cress explains the uses and benefits of dental crowns for teeth to restore a patient’s smile.

What are dental crowns?

What Are Dental Crowns in Twin Falls Idaho Area

A crown is essentially a protective cap that covers a tooth. It may be placed over a natural tooth that is cracked, broken, or decayed or over a dental implant. Unlike dentures, which may be removable, a dental crown is a fixed dental device meaning it can only be adhered into place and removed by a dentist. This restoration strengthens the tooth and produces a more natural, complete smile.

Aesthetically speaking, a crown improves a tooth’s appearance. It may cover a tooth that is cracked, chipped, decayed, discolored, or misshapen. A crown only covers or replaces a single tooth. The materials used include gold, stainless steel, or porcelain. The dentist helps determine the correct crown material for each patient’s needs.

When a patient needs a crown, the teeth and surrounding structures are assessed for damage as well. Before the crown is placed, the tooth is prepared. The damaged portion of the tooth is removed, but the integrity of the tooth and the root remain intact. Then, impressions are taken.  Traditional porcelain crowns are created by an off-site lab using impressions of the teeth and detailed notes from the dentist regarding the size, shape, and color of the adjacent teeth to ensure a natural-looking result. Once ready, the crown is cemented in place. Good oral hygiene such as proper brushing and flossing ensures the longevity of the restoration.

Benefits of porcelain dental crowns

Although maintaining the natural teeth is the goal, life happens. Problems or injuries may cause damage to the tooth. Porcelain crowns correct the problem, restore your smile, and have several benefits as dental restorations.

  • Looks natural – Porcelain crowns are designed and created to blend with the surrounding teeth in color, shape, and size. To the general public, the crown appears to be a natural tooth.
  • Feels natural – Once placed, a crown is sturdy, durable, and comfortable. It becomes a natural, functional part of your mouth. Crowns are long-lasting.
  • Functions normally – When a tooth is broken or missing, the bite changes. The surrounding teeth may shift. Patients often change the way they eat or speak. Crowns restore a natural chewing surface so the teeth can resume natural functions. It also keeps other teeth from shifting or changing position, which keeps the mouth healthy.
  • Provides protection – A crown protects and restores a tooth to keep it from further damage. It maintains the health of the natural tooth.
  • Safe – The porcelain material is safe for patient use and bonds easily to the natural tooth making it an effective cover.

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