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Most people have heard of dental crowns, although in some areas they are referred to as dental caps. This type of restoration dates to early Etruscan cultures when crowns were made of gold as an obvious symbol of wealth. Today, in the hands of an experienced dentist, patients in Twin Falls, Hailey, Kimberly, Jerome, and Buhl can have porcelain crowns that look extremely natural.

What is a tooth crown?

A crown looks like a hollow tooth. It fits over the remaining structure of a prepared tooth, with the natural root intact. Crowns can be made of metal or porcelain over a metal core. However, most people prefer the lifelike appearance of all porcelain restorations.

A crown may be recommended to:

  • Repair a tooth with a large cavity.
  • Restore a broken tooth.
  • Stabilize a significant fracture.
  • Restore and protect a worn-down tooth.
  • Strengthen a tooth that has had root canal therapy.
  • Top a dental implant for replacement of a missing tooth.
  • Anchor a dental bridge.
  • Improve aesthetics of a tooth with unattractive shape, size, color, or alignment.

Getting a crown in just two visits

At the initial appointment, your mouth is numbed. Areas of decay or damage are removed, and the tooth is shaped to hold the crown (this may involve removing additional structure or building it up with bonding material). Impressions are taken, and the tooth is safeguarded with a temporary crown.

The dentist sends this precise mold, measurements, and shading information to an off-site dental laboratory where the crown is fabricated. When you return in about two weeks, the interim restoration is painlessly removed, and the new crown is cemented into place.

Are all dental crowns in Twin Falls created equal?

Not necessarily. As with most dental work, with crowns you tend to get what you pay for. Dr. Justin Cress believe a crown should have the fit and quality to potentially last as long as your own teeth. They work with a reputable U.S. dental lab, for restorations created by a credentialed ceramist, using top quality porcelain materials. Fit is checked and adjusted as many times as necessary before cementing, to ensure balanced bite.

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