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Some dental procedures are restorative; others are cosmetic. Dental bonding is both! Dr. Justin Cress use this contemporary technique to repair minor dental damage and enhance the smiles of patients across the Twin Falls area including Kimberly, Jerome, Hailey, and Buhl.

What is teeth bonding?

“Bonding” refers to use of a composite resin material to alter visible tooth structure. This pliable compound is matched to the color of existing teeth, so it blends unnoticeably. It is called bonding because it is securely adhered to the surface of a prepared tooth, then hardened with a curing light for a tough, durable restoration.

Dr. Cress often suggest teeth bonding for gaps. The material is added to one or both teeth adjacent to the gap, then shaped to close the space. Dental bonding for front teeth hides chips, fractures, and discoloration. Composite bonding is a good choice for minor repairs on other teeth as well and is strong enough for molar restorations. Bonding can be used to reshape teeth that look crooked, small, or have unusual contours.

If you are a bruxer (you clench or grind during sleep), worn down teeth can be built back up with bonding. If you have receding gums, a bit of bonding can be placed to cover exposed root structure, improving appearance and reducing sensitivity.

Why Twin Falls patients choose dental bonding

  • It is affordable. As a teeth gap filling or to mask other imperfections, bonding is more economical than porcelain veneers.
  • Bonding is versatile – it is the same material used for cavity repair. It can also be a cost-conscious alternative to a dental crown for a child’s primary tooth.
  • There is little or no discomfort.
  • Usually anesthetic is not needed for cosmetic bonding (no numb face after treatment).
  • The procedure is efficient; a one visit treatment that takes only about an hour per tooth.
  • The bonding technique preserves natural tooth structure.
  • Bonding is long-lasting. With good oral care, it can provide years of service.
  • Just brush and floss normally – no special cleaning method is needed.
  • The work looks completely natural.

Can your smile be improved with dental bonding? Call (208) 544-4848 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cress in Twin Falls to find out.


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