Twin Falls, Idaho describes the cost and benefits of dental implants for replacing missing teeth

At Cress Dental, patients of Twin Falls, Idaho have access to solutions for various dental concerns, including missing teeth. Our dentist, Dr. Justin Cress, helps patients choose the option best suited for their unique needs. In many cases, he will discuss the costs and benefits of treatment choices, including that of dental implants. Dental implants are one of several ways in which patients can restore the function and beauty of their smiles following tooth loss or extraction.

What are dental implants?

Dr. Justin Cress describes dental implants as restorations that are made of titanium and during oral surgery, are placed into the bone of the jaw where the missing teeth once were. These posts are then bonded with the jaw thanks to a process called osseointegration. Osseointegration is stimulated by the placement of the implant and is the growth of bone around it. Once the implant is solidified in place, the dentist can then restore it. This may be done in various ways:

  • A dental crown might be placed over the dental implant abutment to replace a single tooth
  • A bridge might use the dental implant as support on one or both sides of the restoration
  • A full denture might be made and snapped into place with several dental implants along the arch

What is the cost of a dental implant?

There are many factors that Dr. Justin Cress needs to take into consideration when quoting a patient on the cost of treatment with dental implants. These variables are discussed during the initial consultation visit and may vary if patients have dental insurance plans that offer coverage.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Benefits of Dental Implants in Twin Falls, Idaho Area

Dr. Justin Cress often recommends dental implants because they are:

  • Stable
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Permanent
  • Versatile
  • Natural-looking

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