Cosmetic dental services available with Twin Falls, Idaho dentist

Cosmetic dental work is often thought of as expensive treatments that are only available to the Hollywood elite. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry is becoming even more affordable for everyday families. Patients with imperfections of the smile who want to enhance their appearance are advised to book an appointment with Dr. Justin Cress, Twin Falls, Idaho area dentist, to discuss the best treatments.

What are some cosmetic dental services available at Cress Dental?

Cosmetic Dental Services in Twin Falls, Idaho Area

Dr. Justin Cress is pleased to provide a selection of affordable cosmetic dental services, including:

  • Professional-grade teeth whitening—when asked what patients think of first with a beautiful smile, they often mention bright, white teeth. With this in mind, many consider over-the-counter whitening solutions. However, many of these fall short of providing the results patients want. Instead, we may recommend laser teeth whitening, take-home whitening trays, or a combination of the two for the best results.
  • Composite resin bonding – some minor imperfections can be resolved with the use of composite resin bonding. This is a material that can be placed on the teeth to cover problems such as staining, breakage, and gaps.
  • Porcelain veneers – in some instances, patients may benefit from porcelain veneers. These thin ceramic facings are used by a cosmetic dentist to cover imperfections in the same way as composite resin bonding. Porcelain veneers are often chosen because they are long-lasting and are not susceptible to staining in the same way as composite resin bonding. With proper care, most patients will enjoy their custom veneers for ten years or longer.

Are you considering cosmetic treatments?

Patients in the area of Twin Falls, Idaho are welcome to book a consultation visit with Dr. Justin Cress at (208) 544-4848. During this visit, patients can discuss the concerns they have with their smiles and decide what treatment is most appropriate for their needs. With a wide range of aesthetic treatments available, many patients are able to find something they can afford and dramatically improve their appearance accordingly. Our facility is conveniently located at 871 Green Acres Drive, Suite 1 and is open to accepting new patients and families in the surrounding community.

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