Discover the benefits of treatment with tooth-colored dental fillings in Twin Falls

Dental Fillings Treatment in Twin Falls area

We all want beautiful, healthy teeth. Genetics, poor hygiene, and even certain medications can increase an individual’s susceptibility to decay and tooth damage. Cavities cannot be left untreated to fester and grow. Treatment with dental fillings is necessary to keep the mouth healthy and prevent further damage. Located in Twin Falls, Dr. Justin Cress explains the benefits of using tooth-colored fillings to treat cavities. Tooth-colored fillings offer patients a healthy, aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional amalgam fillings. The purpose of dental fillings treatment Even with the best intentions, most children and adults experience tooth decay at some point. The decay … Continue reading

Patients in Twin Falls, ID are Learning About Tooth-Colored Composite Resin Fillings

Composite Fillings in Twin Falls ID Area

Are you looking for a filling solution that won’t leave that unsightly silver appearance? If so, then a composite resin filling may be just what you’ve been looking for. They are strong and aesthetically pleasing as they can be manufactured to match the shade of your natural teeth. Dr. Justin Cress and his team at Cress Dental have been offering patients in the Twin Falls, ID area composite fillings, resulting in countless beautiful smiles. Composite Resin Filling – What Is It? A composite resin filling offers the benefit of restoring a decayed tooth through a mixture of glass and plastic … Continue reading